Because of Christ I Belong

Our church choir director asked if any of us wanted to share our testimonies for the Easter service. I’ve been inspired to write mine though I’m uncertain if I will share it during the service.

When you think about someone giving their testimony most of us think about the exact moment a person believed and accepted Christ. I spent much of my youth thinking because I came to Christ at 4 years old that my testimony was not very interesting or relatable. But beauty of our relationship with Christ is he is constantly teaching and transforming us. as such our testimonies should grow with us. one such way my testimony has grown recently is my life experiences have led me to a deeper realization of my true home. Growing up my family moved a lot. I remember it being very lonely. having to always get to know new groups of friends left me feeling as though no one ever really had the time to get to know and understand ME. When asked questions like “where is your hometown?” I didn’t know how to respond. was my hometown where I was born? where I spent the most time? or where I had the best memories? I found myself often asking “where do I belong?” in my teen years I thought I had found my place with a close knit group of friends who loved to worship together! we formed our own worship team and even though we cycled through so many different youth leaders we’d always find a way to get together with our team to enjoy worshiping God with our music. I thought it would always be that way, even as life threw changes at us we would always find ways to stick together in this way.  but as we started to leave for different colleges and get married we drifted apart. none of that original group kept in touch with me. was my answer in my family? through all the location changes and even in homelessness my siblings and parents had always been there. but in my 20s my younger brother and parents moved across the country and the way in which it happened left me feeling very betrayed and abandoned. When I found that even in a good marriage I still felt lonely God began connecting the dots from my head to my heart. No relationship in this life, how ever deep or sweet could ever fully satisfy our need to be understood and loved, no place on earth however beautiful or familiar could ever feel like home. we live in a broken world with broken people and human relationships, despite our best efforts are always messy fickle things. we (humans) mess up, have moments of selfishness, needs that cant always be met and…we die. human connectedness is important but it never lasts or stays constant and it never quite gives us what we desire. because we weren’t created for a broken world or for broken people. the loneliness we all feel is our little reminder that we DONT belong here. and the beautiful fullfilling moments we have here are mere glimpses of what God has in store for us. we were created for Heaven. we were created to be fully present with out creator.

but sin has no place with a holy God and when Christ took our place on that cross he not only took our sin and the punishment for it, he GAVE us his inheritance, a place in heaven. a place in God’s presence. A chance to be loved perfectly and wholly by the one who created us, by the one that IS love. because of Christ we have a place to call home. Because of Christ we belong.

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