BucketList Item 12: A New Look, a New Perspective

So this bucketlist item may seem a little silly and uneventful but its one of those things I’ve always wanted to try but someone has literally talked me out of it anytime I go to get my hair cut. growing my hair out long only to chop it short is a regular occurrence for me so despite the dramatic picture, the change in length was not the most exciting part for me….this post is all. about. the bangs! I’ve not had bangs since I was like 4 and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d even like them, but they frame light colored eyes so nicely in my opinion and I’ve always wanted to give them a shot. I’ve got an oval shaped face…maybe slightly elongated so I can get away with almost any hairstyle I want and yet….the idea of bangs has scared me.

what if it looks awful? will they take forever to grow back out? what if I love it? will it cost a lot to maintain? I generally can only afford a cut once a year. sad, I know, but ever since going to a real salon I’ve been ruined for the cheaper places. there is such a big difference in a $20 cut and a $65 cut. you really do get what you pay for. And lets be honest here, I’m a mom that works only occasionally and when I do get pay checks its a hundred dollars here fifty dollars there and 9x out of 10 it goes to making memories with my kids. I really cant afford to cut my hair on a regular basis at this point in my life…and I’m ok with that. But as such, the idea of bangs is really intimidating to me. not only that but I meant to get my hair cut for the summer except things kept popping up and every time I went to schedule an appointment I’d find I was broke again.

Here I was in September with a growing list of things I wanted to buy or invest in and only one $100 pay check and no promises I’d be able to find time to work in the near future to earn more. despite being a super indecisive person and having a whole week to wait before my appointment, in which time I very well could have changed my mind on what to spend my millions on ha!…my hair had just reached that annoying length where brushing was uncomfortable and time consuming, wearing it down meant having it get stuck in car doors, armpits and whatever else I happened to walk past or sit near. and it was heavy and becoming very damaged from constantly having it in a messy bun. It needed to go! I love long hair to a point. it makes me feel like a princess and can be feel very elegant and fantastical in its longest flowing state. here’s a before shot of my flowing locks


it was a tad longer in the back than this picture shows. sitting in my car before my hair appointment I had to remind myself of all the reasons short hair is awesome! easier to manage (which I really need right now) the baby couldn’t access it as easy to pull it. it wont get stuck in everything anymore. wake up, brush go! it would feel so much lighter! and short hair may not feel as elegant but its bouncy and sassy! I was ready to go! but the bangs still made me a bit nervous….I took a deep breath, showed my stylist the picture of the look I was going for, ensured her that yes, I did, in fact want to go that short and let her have her way with my tresses. an hour later…..this!!0919181654c.jpg

I LOVE IT! its a literal weight off my shoulders and I look so adorbs! at least I think. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this cut. should I keep the bangs or grow them out with the rest of my hair? keep the whole look? I’m still undecided but for now I’m loving it!!! and yes, as simple as this bucketlist item is I feel it has changed my perspective of myself! A lot of people equate long hair with femininity (which I’ve always thought ridiculous since short hair often shows off a sexy feminine neckline). But since my husband feels this way it kind of influenced my emotions about my hair this time around. was I going to be unattractive to him once it was cut? should I care more about his opinion? but when I really thought about it I realized, a confident, happy woman is far more attractive than one that holds on to something weighing her down for someone else’s sake. Its great to consider your significant other’s opinion but its a balancing act. the way you feel about yourself is also important. right now long hair is too hard to manage for me and Its not like I was even fully enjoying its length since I never have time to do anything besides throw it up in a mess of frizz on the top of my head. it was killing my confidence to always look like the hot mess mom (though I still kind of am…but I don’t have to look like it all the time right? lol) now, I sleep more comfortably and I can wake up and look fantastic with very little effort.

if you had asked me the hypothetical question about dressing or keeping your hair a certain way for your spouse years ago my answer would have been, do things they way your husband prefers. my answer now is very different. while I don’t think its very kind to do the opposite just for the sake of doing the opposite, if its how you are most comfortable and happy I’d go for it!!! I’m so glad I didn’t let his opinions effect my decision, and guess what, he’s adjusting to the new style just fine ❤ 0919181558.jpg

bucketlist item 12 CHECK! to see my before and after video reaction to my new do click here

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