Bucket List Item #52: Bathe in a Waterfall

on my family vacation my husband and I were able to go on a wonderfully long and kind of challenging hike sans kids! by the end of struggling to the top of the mountain side not only did I feel like this hike itself should have been on my  list but there was a gorgeous waterfall there! it hadn’t rained in awhile so the river wasn’t all that deep, but the falls were still impressive enough all on their own. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to fulfill my 52nd bucket list item or not here. climbing towards the actual falls was not easy and the rocks beneath the falls were steep and slippery. but I managed to store my favorite all natural soap (so I don’t poison the water for the wildlife) in the top of my swimsuit and shimmy across.


once I was close just the spray from the falls was so ridiculously cold!!!! I never did go all the way under. I was getting soaked enough just being on the ledge and the pressure and temp of the falling water would have felt like having heavy snow dumped on my head! I didn’t feel like going into shock while on a high place above sharp rocks. but just being in the spray was so invigorating and I did sit in one of the shallow pools down below after to properly rinse off. IMG_3681 (2).JPG

I felt so alive after doing this one I’m now officially addicted to chasing the adventure that awaits me on my bucket list! to check out the video footage I got of this moment click here 

until next time, Keep Thriving!

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