How to Break Into the Brand Ambassador Biz

so you’ve thought it through and you’re finally ready to try and break into the business of being a brand ambassador! congratulations! this is an exciting new opportunity that will be loads of fun! but there’s just one problem….how do you get your foot in the door? obviously there are basics you need like a good quality head shot of yourself, (most companies don’t require professional head shots, just a good enough quality photo to know what you look like) a resume and reliable transportation. I’ll write a blog soon about how to create a good resume for this type of job. but now what? who do you send it to? job searching “brand ambassador” on job sites gets you no where and craigslist gives you the heebie geebies. lucky you! you’ve come to the right blog. There are three main ways to find and apply for brand ambassador jobs I will share with you now.

1. find out the names of marketing/promotional/casting companies in your area and set up a profile on their website.

this is a lot like setting up a profile on sites such as only instead of childcare positions it’ll be promotional work. you can try to do a google search and see what comes up. but I’ve not found this to be the most helpful method for two reasons. firstly, not much usually pops up with these types of searches. and secondly, just because you set up a profile does not mean you are hired or that those who run the company are ready or willing to throw jobs your way. yea you can search available jobs on their site, sure you can apply for them….but those who have worked for them already will always get first dibs over a person who hasn’t. so that brings me to the second method for getting your foot in the door.

2. know someone already in the business/networking

if you already know someone GREAT! ask them to throw you a bone by putting a good word in with one or two of their employers and sharing their emails with you so you can contact them. but chances are you don’t know anyone…so how do you meet someone? ever gone to a grocery store and seen somebody sampling food, or a liquor store and come across a tasting table? while you’re over there trying their samples ask them what company they are working for, casually mention you are interested in trying what they do and see how willing they are to help you get started. they may share a business card with you or tell you who to contact to inquire about work. but even just the name of the company they work for is something! now you know another place to create a profile with! this is how I found my first company to sign on with ❤ but the most helpful method I saved for last! its a sure fire way to pry that stubborn door open and have something useful to slap on your resume so other companies look your way in the future.

3. Join Brand Ambassador Facebook groups!!!!

I’m dead serious here. getting your first gig and opening the flood gates of available jobs out there is as simple as searching brand ambassador groups in your area, joining and keeping track of what goes on! ALL the other companies I signed on with were found this way, before I had even updated my resume with my first BA job! here’s why this works… the biggest problem promotional companies face is last min gigs or call outs! not being able to fill a position in time equals a financial loss for them. and where do desperate promotional managers turn when they are having trouble filling these positions?….you guessed it, FACEBOOK GROUPS! if you see a post with a job you know you can work, even if your resume is unimpressive, even if you’re the newest of the noobs in the biz….if you answer that post first and professionally and let them know you are willing and able to be there….THEY WILL HIRE YOU ON THE SPOT! and once you are in that’s it! show up, do a good job, fill out your recap, and they will throw you all sorts of jobs. then you can update your resume and look more and more appealing to other less desperate companies and your journey as a brand ambassador will have begun!!!! its important to note, simply replying on the post itself is NOT effective. the post will detail how to contact them via email and what info they want within that email. follow the directions well or you will look untrustworthy and flaky.

happy hunting friends!

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