Pros and Cons of Being a Brand Ambassador

Did I mention how much I love my job lately? I’ve been in the Brand Ambassador biz for a little over a year now so I’m still a tad new at it. But I think its the best job EVA! and yet, as much as its been a perfect fit for me its not for everyone so I wanted to go through all the pros and cons of being a Brand Ambassador. let’s help all you fence sitters pick a side. If you are looking for flexible hours, something above minimum wage and perhaps don’t have the degrees or experience you need to get a real career just yet….chances are this field is your best bet. So lets discus the best and the worst parts of this industry.

Pro: flexible hours (you pick and choose the gigs you want)

con: hours can be scarce if you only work for 1 or 2 companies (once you get going and signed with a few more it really starts to pick up though)

pro: you don’t need experience to break in

con: you DO need to be outgoing (not always an easy feat for introverts or sufferers of social anxiety.)

pro: it pays anywhere from $17-$35 an hour (varies by state and some companies pay a flat rate instead)

con: you might need to purchase some of your own essentials such as a table, ice bucket, khaki pants, black pants, neutral colored shoes, black heels, polo or button up shirts ect. (every company has their own dress code but these are the most common ones I’ve seen)

pro: most companies will send you a kit with all sorts of essentials and some give-aways and anything you have to buy yourself can either be written off on your taxes or reimbursed by the company that requires it.

con: you have to stand for long hours for some gigs, often times in uncomfortable shoes

pro: usually you have things to give away like samples, coupons or swag so hardly anyone you engage with is in a bad mood!

con: on most jobs you work alone and when it comes to scheduling you are in charge of your own schedule in terms of picking and keeping track of your hours. its important to note: showing up on time at the right time is still very important and companies all have their own ways of making sure you are where you agree to be at the agreed upon time. this is ONLY a con if you have poor organizational skills, struggle with being reliable or cant motivate yourself without a boss hanging over you.

pro: same as above! there are so many different types of personalities in this world and so some of these will fit into both categories. I think working on my own and making my own schedule is great! apart from check in photos and company rules and recaps I must adhere to I have no boss to hover over my shoulder or micro manage me! and I can work as little or as much as I would like for as many companies as I like. I flip flop from working as  much as I can to working as little as I can based on what my family needs most, my time, or more money.

pro: taxes are not deducted from your pay checks! this means more money in your pocket right away!

con: taxes are not deducted from your pay checks! this means having to keep track of what you make so you are not slammed at the end of the year! this is both a balancing act which can feel very daunting at first and a great freedom!!! be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on my up and coming post on how to manage your taxes as a brand ambassador. its way easier than you think!

pro: set up for liquor jobs is so easy! most of the time they already have a table out for you. All you have to do is add product, your ice bucket and table cloth to it.

con: there are other promotions where set up is more complicated and may require heavy lifting. I’ve worked one gig where I had to help set up a big tent and other equipment and a few others where I needed my own table and had to set it up myself. if you have back issues its something to consider before accepting certain jobs. BUT a lot of times these types of jobs will also hire big strong guys to help with set up and tear down. and the table I use is pretty light.

con: creating a resume to start out can be a pain and its confusing to know what job experiences are relevant to the position you are applying for.

pro: maintaining your resume after you get experience is easy as pie. I’ll be sure to make a post with resume samples very soon. ❤

con: to get a lot of work you need to work with a lot of companies. this means giving out your personal tax info to a lot of people and signing a lot of paperwork. the paperwork can be tedious to do over and over again for each new company.

pro: once its done its done and signing with a new company adds so much more flexibility and opportunity to your life! now you have more jobs and locations to choose from! the more companies you sign on with, the more choices you have and the pickier you can be about what jobs you decide to work.

con: you may need a food handlers license or a TIPs certification to do some jobs. I broke in without either but have found more jobs open to me by having a TIPS certification. (a TIPS card is so easy to obtain and not too expensive either)

pro: full time? part time? side hustle? you can work this job to be anything from supplemental income to a full blown career! its that flexible!

con: there are busy seasons and there are seasons where work is scarce. you gotta kind of learn the ins and outs and plan around it. holidays tend to be busy which can be annoying if you are the type that prefers to be around family during those times. so far, it seems from February to may it’s slowest with the exception of March because of saint Patrick’s day. there is lots of fun to be had in the summer and fall and of course close to Christmas everyone is trying to sell sell sell. In January the clubs and bars are in full swing because of new year so you’ll see a lot of gigs during that month as well.

pro: you get to try all sorts of new things! what ever you are promoting you get to try! and whatever is left over from giveaways you can sometimes keep. I’ve been able to try a lot of different types of alcohol and a few foods, mostly cheeses and sausages.

con: calling out is near impossible and could cost you dearly! unexpectedly sick? family emergency? you better hope you know enough people who work for the same company and someone agrees to fill in for you! call outs are a big no no in this line of work, you put companies in an impossible situation with accounts and clients if they cant find a replacement for you. too many call outs and nobody will want to hire you ever again. if you work gigs with a team instead of alone GET THEIR NUMBER!!! you may need their help filling in someday.

Con: you gotta take lots of photos! Sometimes people get weirded out if I ask them to pose for a photo op. There are times I feel it cuts into my sales pitch and makes people want to run away.

Pro: the more you do it the easier it is to read people and photo ops become a very fun part of the job! I find asking groups or couple goes over much better than asking lone shoppers. And it offers me an opportunity to tell people how cute they look. Compliments help a lot with sales.

Con: apps galore!!! If you work for quite a few companies it may be beneficial to have a phone with a lot of storage space. Many companies will have apps you need to download in order to find gigs or submit your recaps. Though I just delete them when I’m not using them and re upload them and switch them out as necessary.

Pro: in addition to hourly pay some companies also offer commission and bonuses for meeting sales goals or having the best looking table.

Con: as a brand ambassador there are no retirement plans, 401k, pensions other benefits. (However if you move up to management level this can change)

Overall I can not be more pleased with this career! I don’t plan to leave it or slow down any time soon! What do you think? Is brand ambassador work for you? If it is be sure to tune into my next blog post where I explain how to get your foot in the door!

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