Be Prepared: The Art of Bucketlisting

Why is this so much harder than I expected?! 😂😂😂😂 I was hoping to have two items checked off my list by now and be blogging about them….but instead I’m awake at 5am all dressed up with no where to go. Cue lesson 1!


The first item I had hoped to check off my list was showering in the rain. A big rainstorm was on the way and I couldn’t wait to play in it. However, it didn’t downpour until I was stuck at work and by the time I got out of work it was only sprinkeling . I could have tried it immediately after work but I had no shampoo or conditioner in my car and I don’t think it was raining hard enough at that point to really get a good rinse.

oh well. It might rain today but it doesn’t look like it’ll rain very hard. But in the spirit of preparedness I will wear my swimsuit under my church outfit and now I have some shampoo and conditioner hidden in my car 😂 next time ill be ready! 😂😂
Side note: trying to be prepared for certain bucket list items might turn you into a weirdo that plays hooky in the middle of a sermon to dance in the rain. But that remains to be seen 😂

Other ways I’m preparing for bucket list items: the having a six pack one takes hard work over a long period of time so I already started on that one. Our family vacation is in a week so I’m trying to pack for it already and I’ve been budgeting and looking for more ways to make money so ill have it when opportunities arise.

The second item I had hoped to check off was yoga/tai chi in the park/beach. There was supposed to be an event this morning, hence why I am up so early. But its overcast with a chance of rain so they moved it to the studio and that doesn’t fit the description in my head of this bucket list item. I did see an event for krav maga on the beach which is waaaay cooler….but its not till 8 and would make me late for church *pouts*I would skip but I’m in the choir now and we are practicing a particularly difficult song. I definitely need the practice so I can’t miss it. Also I’m super excited that my husband will be joining me at church this morning! its a rare thing because he usually teaches martial arts on Sunday mornings. this week his classes got cancelled so we can attend church as a family ❤

cue lesson #2 DONT BE DISCOURAGED!

opportunities wont always work out how you think, or at all! there are things we cant control like weather and responsibilities that pop up. that’s ok. learn to be in the moment even when its not going your way, relax and enjoy what is. what’s really important here is not fulfilling items on a list but truly enjoying life as it comes.




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