The Art of Bucket Listing: : dreaming it up

Welcome to a new chapter! After battling depression and anxiety and feeling a little more confident in my ability to adult I’ve decided its time to get out and really live!!! so begins my new series: The Art of Bucket Listing. Today I intend to create my first ever bucket list with a commitment to GET OUT AND DO IT! I invite you to join with me, I’d love to hear what’s on your list and hear your stories. I’ll be sure to blog about each item I complete from my list, but first, lets get to dreaming! here are some tips for us as we create our lists. Firstly GO BIG OR GO HOME! don’t be limited by money or time expectations. be sure to fill your list with as big of dreams as possible! second DREAM SMALL! be sure to include things that are easy, cheap and every bit as fun. the more you can do now the more confident you will be to do even bigger things later! start where you are and move on up from there. Third, don’t be afraid to fail, keep trying till you get it! Fourth, adventure is much more fun with friends and family, be sure to include who you want to experience these things with. last but not least: don’t be afraid to do some of your items alone. nobody wants to wait around for someone else’s go ahead to really live! if you have an opportunity grab it whether someone comes with you or not! ok without any further ado…my bucket list!

  1. go on first family vacation: check! to read the blog on this item click here40269682_2284872418194793_684639725675347968_n.jpg
  2. shower in the rain (like legit with shampoo and conditioner)
  3. visit Alaska
  4. go on a real honeymoon some where tropical (my husband and I never got the honeymoon we wanted)
  5. visit an ice castle
  6. ride a hot air balloon
  7. visit china
  8. visit Ireland
  9. experience hot springs in Colorado
  10. see the northern lights
  11. ride in a helicopter
  12. try out bangs (I’ve always wondered what they would look like on my face) CHECK! click here for blog post on my new look!            0919181558.jpg
  13. sing the national anthem for public event (even a small local one is cool)
  14. write and publish a book
  15. record a song in a studio
  16. learn to draw well enough to make a web comic
  17. have a six pack (of abs not beers)
  18. make a short film
  19. be in one film or modeling project that’s legit and I actually get paid for
  20. become conversational in Mandarin Chinese
  21. learn to cook beef wellington (for my hubby <3)
  22. run a marathon (or maybe a half one lol)
  23. make a viral post (this one might have more to do with luck)
  24. choreograph a Tango with my husband! (convincing him will be the hardest part)
  25. do a really well done bad A#$ family cosplay (this one I might do more than once)
  26. see the grand canyon
  27. go to Yosemite national park with kids
  28. survival camping trip with just me or with husband only.
  29. Crash a wedding
  30. Go hang gliding
  31. Ride in a convertible with the top down
  32. Yoga or Tia chi in the park or beach
  33. Play a game of dungeons and dragons
  34. Through hike the Appalachian trail
  35.  Start a fire with no matches
  36. Visit new Zealand and see all the places LOTR was filmed and kayake in a glow worm cave
  37. Go to a fancy ball/gala or fundraiser that’s black tie
  38. Ride the gondola at a Waterfire
  39. Visit all the tiny island in our bay by kayake
  40. See the sunrise on the beach
  41. See the sunrise on a mountain
  42. Professional photo shoot (don’t just want this I kind of need it to accomplish other bucket list items)
  43. Go to a wine tasting (I work at them but I’ve never gone to participate and enjoy)
  44. Catch a fish (I caught a turtle once by accident but never a fish)
  45. Bake a pie and enter it in a county fair
  46. Make my own recipe book
  47. Have an argument with a goat 🐐
  48. Record 50 song covers for my YouTube channel (consistency is a challenge for me. Goals help)
  49. 50 blog posts!
  50. Record my husband and I singing a duet
  51. Record whole family performing a song.
  52. Bathe in a waterfall…check! to read my post on this experience click hereIMG_3695.JPG
  53. Swim with a monoflipper (the ones that make you look like a mermaid!)
  54. Sled down a mountain on an alpine slide
  55. row in a dragon boat race!



Let me hear some of your bucket list items! I cant wait to share my progress on this list!!! keep thriving!

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