Silver Thread

Photo by chivozol from Pexels

I wrote this poem 8 or so years ago and thought its one of the few early works of mine worth sharing 🙂 Enjoy

Silver Thread

His whole life about one thing,

To find her spinning silver strings,

Since he was born his fate was sealed,

Damned to follow at her heels,

He finds her now with eyes so bright,

Perfect, round body reflects the light,

Black she is, as onyx stone,

And in the eaves she makes her home,

On her breast a ruby star,

He never thought he’d get this far,

He leans in close for love’s sweet kiss,

Instead he faces black abyss,

Her web once filled with sweet desire,

Turns quickly now to sharp barbed-wire,

She says to him with deadly smile,

“I’ve been waiting here awhile,”

With silver rope she winds him tight,

He can’t escape despite his might,

Memories in his mind are drawn,

How easily she’d led him on,

Poison dripping from her fangs,

Now courses quickly through his veins,

He remebers not her silver thread,

Her poison stings and he is dead,

Devouring his last remains,

She cares not she was his bane,

She’s killed before, she will again,

For what is she but darkest sin,

So heed this as a warning friend,

And do not meet his bitter end,

Don’t follow after anything,

Unless it be the King of Kings,

For this world’s illusive beauty holds,

Enough poison to kill both young and old,

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